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In early October, Capricorns may encounter difficulties in achieving their goals. Your efforts may come up against the resistance of people in power and influence. This may be your immediate boss at work, as well as one of the parents.

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If the question is fundamental for you, it is better to postpone its decision until a more favorable period. During this period, you may experience internal insecurity and lack of strength to overcome the resistance that has arisen. In general, this is a time when external circumstances impede your initiatives and you will have to make much more efforts to achieve the desired result. In mid-October, a more optimistic period begins.

You can get new friendships and have a great time in friendly companies. You can also meet people who are passionate about the same as you. And that will make you feel more confident. For example, you can become a member of an interest club and will enthusiastically discuss issues of concern to you with like-minded people. In particular, such discussions can take place on the Internet in special forums. At the end of the month, relations with superiors may become complicated again. You can make a remark about the slowness in work. Family and emotional problems will be in the background, as everything goes on as usual there.

Capricorns love success and in September you will have a chance to get it. Thanks to your efforts, you have every chance to get promotion on the career ladder.

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Here, first of all, it should be remembered that the people around you can greatly influence your career growth, so try to build friendships with everyone. Pluto in your sign will give you unexpected surprises and may test your nerves for strength.