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As the first sign of the zodiac, you are known for your child-like qualities, such as determination, an expectation to be the center of attention, and at times, temper tantrums.

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Eclipses often bring unexpected changes, including shifts we need but haven't had the gall to move forward with on our own. Self-soothe to avoid lashing out at others, should surprising news arise that doesn't sit well with you. Aries tend to act before they think and can be brash and cause hurt feelings.

You may not realize that there is a sharpness to your words, so avoid confrontations by pampering yourself and tapping into the fresh start energy that the new moon offers. Venus, the planet of love and abundance , enters community-oriented Cancer on Wednesday, July 3.

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While this planet is often associated with romantic relationships, it can also pertain to your professional community or the source of your income. While you like being in charge, you're also fiercely protective of those close to you.

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Apply this mindset to work and say thanks to your colleagues. Consider throwing a brunch , picnic, or BBQ for your work friends to show your consideration. As the host, you'll still get to pull the strings. Mercury, the planet of communication , goes retrograde on Sunday, July 7. You may lose any inhibitions when it comes to speaking your mind, but remember that words can cause harm, however unintended.

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When Mercury goes retrograde, impulsive texts and tweets are likely to be even more destructive as an added dose of confusion gets thrown in the mix. Practice mindfulness and meditation to think before you speak which is hard for a ram, who likes to tackle things head first. We all struggle with past trauma, and pain manifests for different people, and different signs, in various ways.

Aries' insistence on being in charge can be an attempt to avoid more pain. On Monday, July 8 , Chiron, a comet that orbits the sun goes retrograde. During this six-month retrograde in your sign, you have a chance to address and heal old wounds and past trauma. If utilized correctly, this transit can help you learn to assert yourself without burning bridges in the process.

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A full moon and partial solar eclipse in goal-oriented Capricorn on Tuesday, July 16 brings a project to a close that you've been working hard on, likely one in your professional sphere. However, the heated energy of the eclipse may cause emotions to flare, and you may become angry that you're not getting enough credit.

Therefore, Aries , you would be an excellent physical education teacher, outdoor guide, dog walker, personal trainer or professional athlete. You could even work for a sports organization, helping to organize team sports or a league.

Leadership is another prominent Aries quality, making you a potential CEO, or at least management material. The impatient Aries personality likes to go fast, so careers such as a pilot or driver fulfills this need. Simply being around bikes, cars or airplanes will work!

Firefighting is another great job for Aries. Those born under the sign of the Ram are also naturally skilled with knives and blades, so careers such as carpentry, logging, surgery, haircutting and kitchen prep are appropriate.

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Aries is also well known as the sign of conflict, fighting and war, introducing many possible careers. Any type of military service, short- or long-term, active duty or reserve, attracts Aries.


Jobs that support the military also make sense. Firearms are Aries territory, so careers in police work and law enforcement help you express your fundamental nature.

I would like more information about career choices based on my star sign Aries and especially my date of birth 17 April as I need to make an informed decision. Name required. Email required.

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